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Paint Protection Films

Protect your car and keep it forever new with PremiumShield paitnt protection films available exclusively in Egypt 🇪🇬 in iPROTK, with highly trained installers who will care for your car with PremiumShield Elite paint protection films the only films that includes 6 layers to protect your car from scratches and preserving its color shinny protected from being affected by sun or water.

Window Tinting

Installing SunProtech window tinting films on your car windows or a building, will reduce exhaustion of its air conditioning system, which increases its life span. reduce the effect of  the harmful sun rays on you and your children and at the same time, save your money and reduce the budget you spend on the maintenance of air conditioning systems

Windscreen Guard

Don't think of this service as a secondary one, if you are always travelling across the country or looking for a protection for your car's windscreen, we offer you Xsun windscreen Guard, which provides an optically clear solution that holds glass in place to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and loss caused by the impact of flying stuff.

Chairman Message

Welcome to iPROTK official website, My name is Ahmad El Assaad, I'm the founder and CEO of iPROTK, started the business late in 2014, to introduce vehicles ultimate care services to the Egyptian market, supported by my personal technical experience that lasted for more than 7 years in the same field outside Egypt, across Gulf and US.

The idea of establishing iPROTK hit my head when I figured out that car protection services in Egypt need to be taken to the next level to be equivalent to that outside Egypt at that time, so, I signed an exclusive contract with PremiumShield (USA) one of the top paint protection films manufacturers in the world and became their only importer, distributor and installer in Egypt.

In iPROTK and through more that 3 years in the market, we care first and last about our customers' satisfaction, and that's one of the main reasons why our customers always trust us to protect their valuable cars, besides our life-time warranty and exclusive genuine materials.

Take a tour in the website and give your car the protection it deserves, believe me in iPROTK, we are always their for you and your car all the time, we do protect your legacy.

Ahmed El Assaad

Ahmed Al Assad

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We are interested in offering our exclusive services to local and International companies inside Egypt, please feel free to send us your inquiry.