Paint Protection Films

Keep your car forever brand-new and in perfect condition, protect your car with PremiumShield Elite paint protection films, manufactured in US according to the highest quality standards.

PremiumShield Elite PPF comes in 6 layers of protection and with a lifetime warranty.

Window Tinting

Are you tired of finding your car salon temperature extremely hot? we get you the idol solution for this frustrating issue, with our perfect collection of SunProtech window tinting films, preventing up to 80% of sun's heat and UV harmful rays.

SunProtech window tinting films manufacture in France and comes with 12 years of warranty.

Windscreen Guard

Don't think of this service as a secondary one, if you are always travelling across the country or looking for a protection for your car's windscreen, we offer you Xsun windscreen Guard, which provides an optically clear solution that holds glass in place to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and loss caused by the impact of flying stuff.

Car Polishing

Get the glamour of your car back with our professional polishing service for the car's outside body including restoration of scratches and waxing the whole car.

Using the best products in the World, you car will be polished by Mafra and SONAX products, top products with best quality standards to take care of each and every detail in your car, don't waste any more time and get your car the polish it deserves.

Car Care

From now on, don't worry about your car's neatness from the inside, just handle it to our professional staff and they will take care of it. 

Using the best products in the World, our car care service is done by Mafra and SONAX products, top products with best quality standards, don't waste your time any more.

For Quotations

We are interested in offering our exclusive services to local and International companies inside Egypt, please feel free to send us your inquiry.